Children Psychology PRAISE AND REWARD

Praise and positive reinforcement are important when it comes to
teaching social skills. Notice good behaviour. Don't use toys as a treat on a regular basis.

Children Psychology  CONSISTENCY

Don't change or make up rules as you go along. Follow through and make sure
your partner backs you up. Constantly reinforce important rules, like
those about crossing the road safely.

Children Routin  ROUTINE

Build time into schedule for play, indoors and out. Vary play activities
and have special treats or games up your sleeve for days when it is
not possible to go out. Try to get outdoors as much as possible to
let children blow off steam.

Setting Boundaries BOUNDARIES

Be clear about your rules and what you expect in terms of behaviour. Set
limits on TV watching. Teach respect for possessions by keeping chaos
under control. Don't give into whining and whining.

Children Disciplin DISCIPLINE

Use time out / naughty step technique for unacceptable behaviour like
fighting and aggression.


Give warnings about what is happening next so that your child can prepare.
Don't interrupt play suddenly and expect your child to move smoothly
onto the next activity. Give warning before disciplining so that
child can correct behaviour himself.

Explaining to your children EXPLANATIONS

Show and tell your child how you expect him to behave when it comes to
“grey areas”. Always talk over the reason behind fears and give
plenty of assurance. Teach your children how to play games and how to
play with toys.

Children psychology RESTRAINTS

Don't buy your child the entire content of the toyshop. Improvised toys
are just as much fun. Practise toy rotation so that everything's not
out at once. Take control of TV and monitor what your children are

Setting responsibilities RESPONSIBILITY

Teach your children how to share and take turns. Don't always hover over
your kids when they play. Use involvement technique for shopping and
other times when you need to be busy.

Relaxing with your children RELAXATION

Enjoy your children. Get involved in their play and let then direct it.
Cuddle up with them and read them a story.


Source: Jo Frost's The Ten Golden Rules