We take security issues in Clowntown very seriously both during our operating hours as well as after working hours.

We do not allow anyone without children to enter Clowntown (unless it is a listed guest of a birthday party).

Our staff ‘keep an eye’ for the odd ‘disagreement’ between children (and sometimes between parents). We try to remind the adults that we are all here for the benefit of our children and we must remember that we need to set a good example to them.

Clowntown is monitored by a 24 hours CCTV system, which records in real time inside as well as key areas outside our premises. This recording is kept on record for certain amount of time.

We also have systems in place to monitor different types of potential threats to our staff as well as customers. Some of these systems are also controlled via state of the art communication system, which can be listened to remotely by our security company.

Over 33 different CCTV cameras currently cover Clowntown and we plan to add additional CCTV system to monitor areas of our play-frame.

After hours, our premises are checked and secured and the main gate to the entrance of our car park is locked.

Clowntown Security System