Please note that the rules and regulations set by Clowntown must be adhered to for the health and safety of all concerned. Our rules of play are clearly displayed here and in the play area.

Clowntown operates a 2 hours session and whilst we are less likely to ask you to leave at the end of your 2 hours session, we reserve the right to enforce this limit when we are very busy.

All children playing on the main equipment must not be over the height restriction, which is set to a maximum of 4ft 9in. (145 centimetres). The Toddlers area is available for toddlers only. No child taller than 3ft 7in (109 centimetres) is permitted to play in the toddler’s area.

Clowntown operates play and activities for children Under Parent/s Supervision. That means all children must be supervised by their parents or guardian at all times. The main play-frame area is only suitable for children over the age of 4; this area is not safe for younger unaccompanied children.

The rules regarding the height restriction in the main and toddler’s area are put in the place with the intention of minimizing potential accidents by avoiding older children colliding into younger ones. No food or drink to be taken into any of the play-frame areas.

Only food and drinks purchased at Clowntown may be consumed on the premises; please do not bring your own food or drink and consume it on our premises.

Clowntown offers different birthday party packages, which are designed to save you money. It is cheaper for you to book a birthday party and have it organised by us rather than try to come in with a group of children, pay the normal entry fee, buy food and drink and try to have a ‘private party’.
Private party, which was not agreed and organised by Clowntown is forbidden for many reasons such as health and safety issues, food allergies and the supervision of the group without a designated adults and children party area. Please don’t try to sneak in a cake and organise your own birthday on our premises.

We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave our premises or to refuse entry if you fail to abide by any of our rules.

Please dispose of chewing gum prior to entering any of the play-frame areas. If you are a parent or guardian supervising a child inside the play-frame, please ensure that you don't have any sharp objects on your person prior to entering the play-frame.

Socks must be worn at all times when using our equipment and we also recommend that children wear long sleeve shirt/T-shirt. No bare tops are permitted.

No climbing up the slides from any direction; children must go down the slide feet first. It is also forbidden to climb on any of the netting in and around the play-frame area.

Throwing of balls inside or outside the play-frame areas is also forbidden.

Parents / Guardians must:

Accept full responsibility to supervise their children at all times

Observe their children to ensure that they are capable of using the Equipment safely

Explain these rules of play to the children and monitor their behaviour

All fire exits must be kept clear. (Do not block any of the fire exits)

Our reception staff are trained to enforce height restriction rules using the large height restriction sign measure; please do not argue with our staff should one of your children not be allowed into the play-frame area.

All of our staff members are trained to ensure that children over our height restriction do not use the equipment and therefore, we reserve the right to ask a child who is taller than our height restriction not to enter or to leave the play-frame area

The number of children playing on the play structure must be controlled to a certain limit
This is the responsibility of our Duty Manager and it is up to him/her to ensure that this limit is controlled

Hosts and guests of birthday parties may take photos in and around party tents however please do not take photos of other children in Clowntown at any time

Clowntown Rules of Play