Soft play areas are a wonderful entertainment option for families.  These specifically designed areas offer the ideal environment for children of all ages to practice and improve their communication skills, play and interact in a safe environment with other children and simply have fun.

Soft play areas are great fun and provide the perfect place for you to give your child a special treat.  Children love to play and the fun toys and play equipment in soft play areas are ideal.  A trip to the local soft play area is a great way to reward children when they have been well behaved or a simple break from the play at home with the added bonus of a large space.

successThese safe environments are ideal for children to play and let off some steam.
successActive play has been proven to help children to develop better physical, social, mental and emotional skills.
successThere are lots of fun toys and play equipment to keep children entertained for hours including ball pools, slides, rope bridges, crawl tubes and more.
successSoft play areas are the perfect place for your children to meet new friends and get used to socialising with others practicing their communication skills.
successSoft play centres are designed specifically for children and therefore, parents don't have to worry about how much noise children make!
successThere are playing facilities for children from babies through to climbing frames for older kids.

Soft play areas also provide great facilities for parents & carers.  This typically includes a cafeteria where the adults can meet and socialise whilst the kids are having fun on the play equipment.

We have recently added a 6 seater 5D cinema room featuring short 5D films for children ages 4 and over. For details about what's on and tickets please see our cafeteria staff.

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