This page tells the story about the history of Clowntown.

Looking at the slideshow with photos taken back in 1996, you can imagine what it has taken to get Clowntown to be what it is today. Here is the story of Clowntown….

Clowntown was founded by two gentlemen in 1996.

They leased the building in the Coppetts Centre behind the 24 hours Tesco Extra on the corner of Colney Hatch Lane and the A506 (the North Circular).

They built the kitchen, the Clowntown Cafeteria and reception areas while the play-frame was being constructed.

Gents, ladies and disabled toilets were also constructed, 3 children birthday party booths were built, a dedicated toddlers area and a few additional features were added namely the large clown banner inside and outside the venue.

Whilst the original idea was to have a clown walking around and playing with the children, quickly after opening Clowntown to the public, the owners discovered that the children who visited Clowntown were actually afraid of the ‘live clown’ and so, the idea was scrapped.

 The marketing of Clowntown initially, was through the local schools and nurseries and very soon after, the venue became known and very popular with the local community.

Over the following years, Clowntown became one of the most popular venues for children activities and children’s birthday parties in North London. Having been in business for over 18 years now, many of our new mums and dads are actually people who visited Clowntown as children and they now bring their own children to Clowntown.

The venue has changed ownership a couple of years ago; the new company has made changes to The Clowntown Menu and is planning major changes and improvements to the venue with some additional and exciting features.

From time to time we run special offers which are designed to save you money.

Some offers are permanent and as an example, our Family Offer is available during off-peak time. Family offer applies when you visit us with 2 children or more. Please ask at reception for details.
Clowntown is open 7 days a week from 9:30AM until 6:30PM including school and bank holidays.

We are only closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day.

Children under 1 not accompanied by another paying child £1.50

Children under 2 years £5.50 * Children over 2 years £6.50

Adults, age 16 and over £1.25

Family Offer 

2 children under 2 £10.00 * 1 over 2 and 1 under 2 £11.00

2 over 2 £12.00

Please note that during Peak Time (weekends, school and bank holidays), all age groups over 1 are charged at £6.50, adults are charged at £1.25, under 1 charged at £1.50

We offer group booking discount to schools, after school clubs and charities.

A group must have over 10 children.

Schools receive up to 15% off and charities may receive discounts as high as 50%.

In some cases, charity organisation groups may receive free entry for the entire group.

For more information about Group Booking, please visit our Group Booking page.